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We invest alongside our partners to provide diversified investment strategies to generate long-term income.


We are a team that provides comprehensive support.

Leland Ventures Capital is a hedge fund that invests alongside our partners to provide diversified investment strategies to generate long-term income.

We live by trust from our partners, investors, co-workers and have a clear understanding that it is something we must earn in the long-term.We promote an open and inclusive culture around the world. What our employees bring to our business inspires us. We know that this culture makes us different and makes us stronger.


Our Thesis


Our approach to active trading directional exposure centers around liquid crypto assets,utilizing a multi-strategy approach that involves analyzing both top-down market regimes and bottom-up asset selection.This strategy is aimed at augmenting beta with alpha to generate higher returns.

Market Neutral

We utilize non-directional alpha by implementing strategies that are designed to deliver consistent and persistent returns with low drawdowns across all market environments,while simultaneously hedging out beta exposure.

Ventures Capital

We practice next-generation venture investing by combining the expertise of both crypto-native and trading VC to navigate the burgeoning web3 space. Our approach involves collaborating with teams at the earliest stages of development as both investors and users,leveraging the BlockTower platform to achieve optimal results.

Post-Investment services

We adopt a hands-on approach to portfolio management by equipping our portfolio companies with the necessary resources, support, and guidance to thrive. Our team of investment professionals has a wealth of experience and a successful track record of identifying and nurturing high-growth companies. We leverage our collective expertise and knowledge to maximize returns for our partners.


We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Crypto




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