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We provide investors with the following opportunities:


  • Investment opportunities are entirely focused on emerging blockchain technology projects, which have new asset classes related to cryptocurrencies.

  • A diversified investment portfolio with three different investment strategies, the sole purpose of which is to maximize returns, reduce risks and reduce the inherent volatility of the market.

  • Talented and experienced account managers with clear strategies, goals, objectives and loss prevention skills.

  • Cryptocurrency market experts are good at identifying reliable and trustworthy blockchain projects that provide real-world solutions to problems that traditional technologies cannot solve.

Mining Fund

The fund is targeted at institutional and personal investors to give them access to crypto mining conveniently.The fund will invest in turnkey assets consisting of mining sites with some of the “lowest electricity and operating costs globally,” scouted and operated by Leland Ventures, which specializes in manufacturing cryptocurrency mining infrastructure and also mines itself.


Early-stage Token Fund

The professional investment and research team seeks innovative blockchain startup companies to participate in token-based investment and incubation such as seed rounds and institutional rounds.


Hedge Fund

Operate automated trading tools to conduct risk management and hedging against mainstream digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to reduce losses during periods of severe market volatility.


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