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Betting on the Future: Our Motivations Behind dappOS

Jul 25th, 2023 | Jason Wong

dappOS is a Web3 operating protocol that manages crypto infrastructures for users. Anyone can access dApps without complicated workflow or crypto knowledge.

Last year, dappOS participated in the Binance Incubation Program Season5 and was selected from more than 900 projects to enter the final round of #BuildtheBlock along with eleven other projects such as zkPass, and successfully received a pre-seed investment from Binance Labs. Recently, dappOS announced a $50 million seed round led by IDG Capital and Sequoia China, other backers in the current round are leading crypto VCs including OKX Ventures, HashKey Capital, KuCoin Ventures, TronDao, Gate Labs, Taihill Venture, Symbolic Capital, Foresight Ventures, BlueRun Ventures, Mirana Ventures, Leland Ventures, and others.


As we can see, various new public chains flourished in the last bull market, challenging the slow transfer speed and high GAS fee Ethereum chain to grab market share, while the multi-chain ecology brings prosperity, but also brings inconvenience of asset, data and information fragmentation.

Aggregate wallets, such as the Metamask Google extension, can of course access different Dapps on the browser page, but they also have certain limitations, not compatible with all public chains, and because of their cryptographic native features, private key mnemonic and gas and other concepts have correspondingly increased the education cost of Web2 incremental users.

Based on dappOS, it is expected to allow users to access and manage multi-chain Dapps in a low threshold and friendly way, which is expected to allow Dapp project teams to deploy multi-chain safely and relatively easily and acquire customers in a low cost.

Technical Features

How does dappOS, the "web3 operating system", reach all kinds of Dapps in a senseless way? The dappOS protocol is built with the idea of creating a channel between the user and the cryptographic infrastructure (public chains, cross-chain bridges, etc.). Users only need to learn how to use dappOS, and dappOS will handle all the complex operations involved in interacting with the crypto infrastructure.

The technical solution of dappOS V1 consists of two main components:

dappOS Account, based on Account Abstraction (AA) and dappOS Network, which solves the problem of automated execution of operations.

dappOS Account is a contract wallet based on Account Abstraction. Compared to the familiar EOAs (Externally owned accounts) such as Metamask, which are controlled by private keys and generated using seed phrases, dappOS Account allows users to define security rules more flexibly and brings a better user experience. This includes:

  • Beyond mnemonics, users can retrieve accounts from different devices, email logins, and other permission management methods that are easy to use.

  • Unified accounts, when users interact with a new chain for the first time, dappOS will automatically create a virtual wallet for users to assist in completing the combined interaction. Hide the steps of GAS payment, cross-chain and approval, only need to click once to confirm the total expenditure.

The dappOS Network is a decentralized network for solving automated execution of operations, and currently supports complex tasks including cross-chain execution of funds and contract interaction in V1. The consensus mechanism of dappOS is implemented through nodes, which are divided into two types

Super Node: DPOS consensus mechanism, the number is stable at 20 when the main network is online. Responsible for accepting and confirming orders and assigning them to service nodes. Rewards and penalties are applied according to the results completed by the service nodes.

Service Node: Responsible for completing the order content. And share the revenue from the processing fee.

The dappOS Network set of services is shown in the following diagram.

The dappOS Network allows various third-party service nodes to compete in the network to increase speed and optimize rates. Service nodes require overcollateralization to ensure security, execute processes before consensus is reached, and determine whether execution is successful, thereby reducing user wait time. If a transaction goes wrong, users can be compensated from the locked assets.

B-end Product and Eco-Cooperation

For Web3 Dapps development teams, without redeploying contracts and front-end integrated SDKs, dappos can help deploy on multiple chains, facilitating the elimination of user boundaries between chains and helping applications capture more native crypto users, allowing development to be more focused on product functionality and security. And because of its user-friendly and simple operating system, it can build a gateway for more web2 users to enter the web3 world, helping applications gain new market increment.

Currently, dappOS V1 has successfully established extensive partnerships with several well-known projects in the industry, including GMX, Perpetual, Benqi, StarryNift, etc.

After securing a new round of funding, dappOS announced to launch V2 version with upgrades in functionality and trading experience. The updated features include:

  • Support multiple Token payment gas

  • One-click payment for multi-chain assets

  • Allow users to select service nodes independently, so as to choose the rate and time

  • View current and historical order status

In addition, on the developer side, dappOS V2 will also open up the SDK, allowing Dapps to integrate with dappOS spontaneously.

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